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Jonnie takes part in the amazing Radiolab with Jad and Robert

Jonnie interviewed for APM’s The Story

Jonnie’s article for Salon goes a tad viral

Jonnie interviewed for Wisconsin Public Radio by Joy Cardin

Jonnie interviewed by the fabulous Krys Boyd for Kera NPR Dallas, Texas

Jonnie interviewed by Richard Dixon for 100 WAPI, Alabama

Jonnie interviewed for Dr Alvin Augustus Jones’ radio show, Washington DC – what a pro Dr Jones is!, Washington DC – what a pro Dr Jones is!

Jonnie interviewed for Grok’s Science Radio Show, Chicago and throughout the States – kinda funky, I even start talking about David Beckham.

Jonnie interviewed for A Touch of Grey national radio

Jonnie providing an article for the Fall ’11 edition of The American Scholar

Jonnie interviewed for Zocalo Public Square

Jonnie now writing a parallel blog on Psychology Today

On the Origin of Tepees hardback is now out in USA and Canada (August 9th 2011).